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AGI has provided tool installation design services for several world class academic institutions, government laboratories, and industrial clients. AGI has been supporting tool installation and infrastructure upgrades for over 15 years.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of high tech cleanroom mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services.  We have created tool installation design documents for approximately 300 tools.  These tool types range from Simple to Super Complex:
> Simple is typically a table top microscope or refrigerator.
> Medium is typically a valve manifold box, fume hood, or wet hood.
> Complex is typically an etch or deposition type tool and some
> gas cabinets.
> Super Complex is typically a large cluster type deposition or
> etch tool or LPCVD Furnace.  This could also be a high end
> imaging tool like an Aberration Corrected SEM or TEM.

AGI can also supervise the installation of process tools, to ensure proper placement, hook-up, and implementation of design.  AGI can provide tool hook-up construction and tool hook-up materials procurement in conjunction with recommended contractors for the specific region.

AGI tool installation clients Include:
> Duke University
> Harvard University
> Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University
> King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
> University of Louisville
> University of California Riverside
> Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Molecular Foundry
> Oak Ridge National Labs CNMS
> Several Global Commercial Clients

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