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Product Consulting
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product market research, due diligence, valuation, manufacturability / feasibility studies, cost and capacity modeling
AGI's clients benefit from our extensive process, operations, and design expertise when seeking assistance with product, market, and technology analysis, including due diligence for acquisitions, mergers, and technology transfers.

Our evaluations include technical, operational, and financial aspects. AGI has provided expert consulting services that has helped our clients make smarter, better-informed decisions and obtain meaningful results.

We have helped many companies:
> Make investment decisions by performing due diligence evaluations
> Drive make/buy decisions by developing cost models
> Identify potential technology applications
> Perform manufacturability studies
> Identify production scenarios
> Locate technology and/or manufacturing partners
> Source novel materials
> Yield enhancement / defect reduction

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> Due Diligence, Valuation
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