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Whether it is a small scale research lab or production scale lab facilities, AGI's staff of laboratory planners, industrial, professional, and architectural engineers will help you plan and design the most cost effective, functional space.

Our projects have included government laboratories, university research environments, pilot-scale and industrial scale laboratory facilities.

We design with the end in mind and from the inside out to insure that specialized and critical equipment performs to its maximum. We bring the viewpoint of the laboratory user, and the sharp eye of the facilities engineer. We utilize the newest computer aided design applications, including Revit, to enhance user visualization of their laboratory environment, including our library of tools and equipment.

Our lab planners understand the critical need to meet user requirements for appearance, performance and cost. Broad design skills enable AGI to coordinate seamlessly with Core and Shell design teams through all required disciplines.

AGI has planned and designed a variety of lab environments for our clients, including:

> Bio Prep
> Bio Safety (including up to BSL-4)
> Specialty Labs for MBE, MOCVD, PECVD, OLEDs
> Advanced Imaging Spaces
> High Bay including Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

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Praise for AGI's Design Expertise >>>
HOK “Thanks to you and the AGI team for the hard work putting together a very impressive set of documents.”
~ Mickey Collins, Vice President, Sr. Project Manager, HOK, March 2012
FEI “From the preliminary look at the data collected and observation of your facility, a great job has been done by you and your team in constructing an excellent facility for the T20 electron microscope.”
~ Ronald Stutzman of FEI Company to Mark Walters, Director of the FCIEMAS at Duke University regarding site preparations for a FEI Tecnai G2 TF20 nanotechnology microscope, June 2007
U Michigan “I believe this is the most thorough and clear SD design narrative I have seen in my 15 years at UM. Very Good Job!”
~ Ken Berringer’s University of Michigan Owner Review Comments, August 2004