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Imaging and characterization tools are the cornerstone needed to enable observation at the nanoscale.  Advanced research and manufacturing at the nano and pico scale require electron and ion microscopy (TEM, SEM, STEM, FIB, He Ion, and Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy), spectroscopy/spectrometry (NMR, FTIR, Acoustic), advanced nano mechanical measurement (AFM, SPM and nano scale manipulation), and super resolution and confocal microscopes with enhanced fluorescence. 

These tools are highly sensitive and require that the installation environment be free of electromagnetic fields, vibration, and acoustical noise. AGI is a proven leader in the design of these advanced spaces, and has completed successful designs for sensitive imaging and characterization equipment environments at major research institutions worldwide, many in locations with significant disturbances. Our services typically include:

> Site Surveys for Identification of ‘Best-Site’ Candidates
> Benchmarking of Imaging Room Designs / Performance
> Imaging Lab Design
> Tool Research and Analysis
> EMI, Vibration, and Acoustics Consulting
> Preparation of Lab Studies / Designs for Bio and Nano Specimens

You can view details of AGI's imaging and characterization projects here.

AGI has presented papers at national conferences regarding the accommodation of advanced imaging and characterization equipment:

“In Search of the Perfect “Core” Nano Facility: Trends in Research Cleanroom and Imaging Lab Design”
Presented at the 2012 UGIM Conference.

Updated “Accommodation of Characterization Tools”
Presented at Labs 21 Conference 2011.

“Accommodation of Characterization Tools: Understanding Vibration, Stray Electromagnetic Fields and Acoustics to Avoid Catastrophic Interferences in New Building Construction or Building Renovation.”
Presented at Nanotech 2007.

“Noise, Vibration and Electromagnetic Interference from Modern Streetcar Systems”
Presented at the Transportation Review Board 2007.

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ASU SRACEMC - Photo Credit Tom Story ASU

Duke University TEM


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R&D Magazine
Achieving the Optimal Fit-Out: The February 2013 issue of R&D Magazine focuses on the optimal laboratory fit-out and proper laboratory equipment. New technologies and changing attitudes about effective, efficient research impact the way laboratories are equipped. The Southwestern Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy (SW-ACEM) at Arizona State University is discussed in depth.

Praise for AGI's Imaging and Sensitive Lab Expertise >>>
ASU Abbie Gregg Inc. (AGI) played an essential, successful role in siting and design of Arizona State University’s new Southwestern Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy, located on the urban main campus at Tempe. The microscopes, located in the new Center building, have demonstrated atomic spatial resolution and the world’s highest energy resolution, 12 millielectron volts, for electron energy loss spectroscopy with atomic spatial resolution. Extreme thermomechanical, magnetic and acoustical stability is required for the laboratories in the new Center building in order to achieve this microscope performance. AGI performed site stability surveys on the campus to determine the best, most stable building site, benchmarked the building design using microscope stability specifications and coordinated EMI, vibration and acoustic abatement with the architectural design team. The new building is now the most stable aberration corrected electron microscopy site among all US universities.
~ Prof. R. W. Carpenter, Project Principle Investigator, January 2013
  “…At system sign-off we were able to show line width’s of 5 nm at Harvard, which is better than our stated specification of 8 nm.  This is a tribute to how well the fab conditions are and the construction thereof, which you were responsible for.  As you know, electron beam lithography is very susceptible to acoustics, temperature fluctuations, humidity, floor vibrations and EMI to produce the best results.  Therefore, how well we can perform really is a testament as to how well you construct your fabs…”
 ~ Gary Brake, Semtech Solutions, Elionix E Beam Lithography
Elionix “I have been to both the Harvard facilities and Duke facilities, and am deeply impressed by the work of your company [with respect to accommodation of advanced Ebeam lithography systems in nanotech cleanrooms].”
 ~ Ken Koseki, Assistant to the President, Elionix Inc., in regards to Lithography Systems at Duke University FCIEMAS and Harvard University LISE, November 2008
FEI “From the preliminary look at the data collected and observation of your facility, a great job has been done by you and your team in constructing an excellent facility for the T20 electron microscope.”
~ Ronald Stutzman of FEI Company to Mark Walters, Director of the FCIEMAS at Duke University regarding site preparations for a FEI Tecnai G2 TF20 nanotechnology microscope, June 2007