AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Support >>>
AGI’s more than 10 senior staff members have had direct engineering, operations and facilities management experience in cleanrooms. Our facilities operations and maintenance support services include:

Readiness Assessment and Auditing
, including benchmarking, developing world class operations and safety procedures, auditing facilities and tool maintenance (PM) and troubleshooting. Categorization of laboratories based on hazards and developing associated Environmental, Health and Safety Protocols. Insuring lab and facilities readiness for hazardous materials usage.

Operational Training, including initial training plans, classes, and ongoing “train the trainer” sessions.

Lab Facilities Equipment and Systems Maintenance, including spare parts management, preventive maintenance, initial troubleshooting and warranty interface with the equipment and parts vendors for the facilities systems and each lab’s supporting utility systems.

Operations and Maintenance for Laboratories, including extended onsite training with the client and the client’s team.

Preventative and Unscheduled Maintenance, optimization of service plans, in-house maintenance, and/or providing tool facilities maintenance services.

We have performed these services for industrial, government and university clients such as:
> Kodak OLED R&D Center
> Optical Imaging Systems FPD pilot line
> Army/Arizona State University Flexible Display Center
> Arizona State University Biodesign Institute
> UC Riverside Bourns Hall Cleanroom
> Silterra 200mm Wafer Fab
> Philips Semiconductor Wafer Fab
> Unitrode/Texas Instruments Wafer Fab
> Skyworks GaAs Wafer Fab
> Motorola 200mm Wafer Fab
> Ericsson Components Wafer Fabs

> Capacity, Operational,
> & Financial Modeling

> Cleanroom, Imaging, &
> Lab Planning and Design

> Design / Build Services
> Tool Procurement Support
> Tool Installation Design
> Construction Supervision
> Process Engineering