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Cleanroom Design
Cleanroom, Imaging, and Specialized Lab Design Experts >>>
At AGI, we have excelled at the planning, design and construction of innovative advanced technology facilities since our inception over 25 years ago. Cleanrooms and advanced laboratories are our ONLY business.

We utilize the newest computer aided design applications to enhance real time coordination between all design disciplines, and to predict appearance, performance and cost. These programs include:
> Autodesk REVIT
> Autodesk REVIT Express Tools and DB Link
> (REVIT Data Exchange)
> Autodesk Design Review
> Ecodomus (Facility Management System, BIM & COBIE)
> FabTech (AGI’s own proprietary Utility Matrix Software)
> Navisworks

Our tools and utility matrix database contains over 10,000 items including research tools for processing or measuring tiny fragments of substrates, up to 300mm wafer processing tools and beyond, as well as large scale FPD and PV toolsets.  We will assure that hazardous process materials are properly accommodated to support the user’s processes, compliant with codes and the best environmental, health and safety practices.

AGI Team Capabilities >>>
Our team members have proven outreach skills to help users communicate their needs effectively to the design team. Additionally, we can explain architectural, engineering and construction constraints to the users, in order to help them make appropriate design decisions and cost trade-offs.

These individuals will be able to provide the required insight about how the area will be used and what instruments and tools will be utilized. This crucial information will ultimately determine how a particular facility is expected to perform.

Architectural / Industrial Engineering and
Lab Planning
AGI creates a bridge between the researchers and the owner’s facilities team, ensuring that the end result is a world class laboratory.  We begin with discussions with the users:

> Tour existing labs and cleanrooms
> Find out how current facilities limit research results.
> List products or research to be generated
> Examine client’s newest and future requirements
> List the constraints (budget, schedule, etc.)
> Review of the tool list, providing suggestions / comments.
> If the users have not yet been identified, AGI can provide
> the client with ‘typical’ user needs, and assist in the
> development of the tool list.

All outputs are driven by these interactions, including the development of room layouts, utility matrix and room conditions matrix.  Our design documents link easily to the mechanical, architectural and structural systems of the core and shell.

We provide consulting on use and abatement of Hazardous Process Materials (HPMs), providing comments on code issues, storage and operational plans.  EMI, Acoustic, and Vibration issues are identified and discussed. AGI provides recommendations for abatement of disturbances at the site, to insure tools perform to user requirements. 

AGI provides optimization of the facility, ensuring a safe, productive environment in which the users can operate.

Process Expertise >>>
Understanding the science and technology of our clients, and the instrumentation to be used, is critical for setting the design parameters. What sets AGI apart from other design firms is our deep understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of advanced technology. Our team includes process engineers that have spent years at companies like Intel, Motorola, and LAM Research. This experience gives AGI a unique insight into the needs of our clients, and allows us to design environments that our directly tuned to the needs of the users.

We design with the end in mind and from the inside out, considering access, comfort, and safety for the users.

Licensed Professional MEP Experience >>>
AGI’s staff includes professional chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. AGI can provide engineering requirements, specifications and designs for Centralized and Specialized Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.

The advantage of using AGI is that the specifications and distribution of utilities will be tuned to the user process and tool requirements. This insures that the optimum quality and cost for MEP systems will be specified, and that tool needs will be considered in establishing Point of Connection locations by area and for future capabilities.

AGI will also insure that the distribution of utilities does not interfere with potential future tool changes or other user activities that other MEP consultants may not fully understand. Additionally, AGI's MEP designs comprehend minimizing the disturbances related to MEP systems that may impact tool performance, such as temperature drift, air flow, Acoustical noise, EMI, Vibration, etc.

We have performed MEP design and construction administration services for several cleanroom and lab projects. These include utility load calculations, design and consulting on the following critical support systems:

> Gas and Chemical Storage and Delivery
> Hazardous Gas Distribution
> Liquid and Gaseous Nitrogen Storage and Distribution
> Electrical Design for EMI Sensitive Areas
> Process Cooling Water
> DI Water
> Drains
> Waste Treatment, including Acid Waste Neutralization
> HVAC (Temp, RH, Clean Class)
Specialty / Cleanroom Make Up Air
> Clean Dry Air
> Phoenix Valve Air Control Systems
> Desiccant Dehumidification
> Process Vacuum
> Scrubbed / Corrosive Exhaust
> VOC Exhaust
> General Exhaust
> Pyrophoric / Flammable Exhaust
> Toxic Gas Monitoring And Control
> Emergency Power
> Automated Laboratory Control Systems
> Telecommunication / Data and CCTV Distribution

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Architectural / Industrial
Engineering and
> Lab Planning

> Licensed Professional
> MEP Engineers

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UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom
UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom

AGI Revit Rendering - Cleanroom Etch Bay
Copyright 2013

ASU SW Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy
ASU Southwestern Center for Aberration
Corrected Electron Microscopy (SW-ACEM)
Photo Credit Tom Story / ASU

UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom Construction
UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom Construction

Duke University FCIEMAS Cleanroom
Duke University FCIEMAS – Team in Photo Bay

OLED Cluster Tool Install - AGI Revit Rendering AGI REVIT Rendering - Complex Cluster Tool Install Design - Copyright 2011

AGI Revit Rendering - Imaging Mechanical - Copyright 2013
AGI Revit Rendering - Imaging Mechanical
Copyright 2013

AGI Revit Rendering - Cleanroom Mechanical - Copyright 2013
AGI Revit Rendering - Cleanroom Mechanical
Copyright 2013