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Operational and Financial Model
  Pluto Operational and Financial Cost Model

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Flat Panel Displays
Flexible Electronics
Touch Screens

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Are you planning a green site, factory expansion, product configuration options or a feasibility study but have only conceptual or preliminary data?
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AGI’s Pluto Operational and Financial Model can assist you in making key decisions.
Inputs >>>
> Basic Process Flow
> Yields
> Tools and Equipment
> Gas / Chemical Usage and Pricing
> Staffing
> Overhead Structure
> Work Schedule
> Facilities Requirements
> Depreciation Method
> Repair and Maintenance Staffing and Contracts
> Expected Cost Units (Panels, Wafers, Devices,
> Square Meters)
> Inflation Rate
> Supplies and Expenses
> Direct Materials
> Demand
Outputs >>>
> Operational Budget Forecast
> Material Costs and Requirements
> Cost Per Unit Forecast
> Equipment Repair and Maintenance Costs
> Facilities Space Estimate
> Depreciation Costs
> Non-Recurring Costs (Capital Equipment, Facilities)
> Major Cost Components by Percentage (Labor,
> Materials, Equipment, Facilities)
Result >>>
> An easy-to-use, easy-to-customize cost analysis tool
> that creates a 5 year operational forecast.