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Factory and Product Cost Model
  Jupiter Factory and Product Cost Model

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Flat Panel Displays
Flexible Electronics
Touch Screens

Questions >>>
Are you planning operational decisions for factory expansion, tool upgrades, capacity changes or product configuration options?
Answer >>>
AGI’s Jupiter© Factory and Product Cost Model can assist you in making key decisions.
How >>>
Using sound industrial engineering principles and practices, Jupiter© provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize capacity and cost analysis tool.
Outputs >>>
> Required toolset based on detailed process flows
> and product mix. Comprehends multiple process
> flows and multiple products.
> Required manufacturing and support space by
> clean class
> Direct and indirect personnel requirements
> Material costs and requirements
> Project costs, both annualized and total investment
> Cost per good unit out
Features >>>
> Outputs are driven by the user-input number of
> good units out of the factory
> Preformatted, professional reports
> Sensitivity analysis on input factors
> Accommodates ramp scenarios
> Accommodates changes in product form factor
Optional Features >>>
> Moves Matrix / Travel Distance – for Layout and
> AMHS Optimization
> Cycle Time Analysis
> Cluster Tool Throughput
Applications >>>
Jupiter has been utilized to successfully model a diverse range of high tech products and factories, including:
> Semiconductors
> Flat Panel Displays
> Flexible Electronics
> Solar Cells
> Touch Screens
> Hybrid Devices
FlexTech Alliance (fka USDC) Sponsored Flexible Substrate / Display Database Available >>>
Includes “Roll-to-Roll” processing, industry information on process flows, tools and materials.
“AGI was selected by USDC to develop the Roll-To-Roll Factory Layout & Cost Model. This was done under two awards from USDC, a primary award and then an update.  AGI was selected based on the competence of the team and their expertise in the field. They are the only authorized provider of the USDC R2R cost model.”  ~ Michael Ciesinski, CEO, FlexTech Alliance (fka USDC)