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eValuate ©
Cost of Ownership Model
Questions >>>
Tool selection?  Process changes?  Monitoring continuous improvement?
Answer >>>
AGI’s eValuate© Cost of Ownership Model can assist you in making key decisions.
How >>>
eValuate© analyzes Cost of Ownership, optimized for all microelectronics applications.  eValuate© models multiple process steps and multiple products flowing through the same tool type.
Outputs >>>
> Cost per good unit, per pass
> Number of tools required
> Equipment utilization
> Headcount required
> Direct labor personnel
> Maintenance personnel
> Support personnel
> Annualized and cumulative costs
> Equipment costs
> Scrap costs
> Maintenance costs
> Materials costs
> Labor costs (direct and indirect)
> Support costs
Features >>>
> Based on SEMI Standards on cost of ownership modeling.
> Multiple process steps and multiple products accommodated.
> Preformatted, professional reports.