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The talented engineering and construction professionals at AGI have unparalleled design and project leadership skills; skills which are critical to the success of a cleanroom and/or lab Design-Build project. We work closely with our Specialty Contractor partners to provide our clients a turnkey solution. AGI is recognized as one of the foremost experts in cleanroom and laboratory design and construction.

AGI’s Pre-Construction Services include Building Information Modeling (BIM) utilizing Revit, as well as our own proprietary FabTech Utility Matrix software. These programs allow for a streamlined design that identifies conflicts early on in the process to ensure the construction phase goes smoothly. 

Our staff of Construction Management personnel have a combined 80 years of experience supervising the construction of advanced technology spaces and understand the unique challenges such facilities pose. They have the necessary expertise to make difficult decisions swiftly and accurately to ensure the project maintains both budget and schedule.  These services are crucial to ensure successful implementation of the design, and to insure the functionality of the cleanroom and labs after construction.

Crucial to the success of a Design-Build project is the purchasing of specialty construction materials and equipment.  High tech facilities require unique materials and equipment with special handling needs. These often include re-circulating air handlers, cleanroom ceiling grid, dehumidification systems, deionized water systems, acid waste neutralization systems, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, chemical dispensing/distribution/collection systems and toxic gas monitoring and control systems.  At AGI, long lead items get the necessary visibility to insure the client’s project schedule is maintained. AGI works closely with our construction partners worldwide to ensure these critical items are ordered and delivered timely, with the proper contract terms to insure successful commissioning, operational performance, and maintenance support.
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