AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
what we do >>>
We provide innovative solutions to complex challenges. We can provide expertise during any stage of a project. From site selection to facility design... tool hook up to process qualification... expansions and capacity upgrades to fab retrofit or redeployment; AGI has proven experience and unsurpassed expertise. Our ares of expertise include:

> Capacity, Operational, & Financial Modeling
> Cleanroom, Imaging & Specialized Lab
> Planning and Design

> Design / Build Services
> Tool Procurement Support
> Tool Installation Design
> Construction Supervision
> Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations Support
> Process Engineering
  what our clients say >>>
“Recommendations and reports from AGI were crucial in securing the…capital needed to support both [cathode operations] programs.”
~L-3 Communications Corporation

“I have been to both the Harvard facilities and Duke facilities, and am deeply impressed by the work of your company [with respect to accommodation of advanced Ebeam lithography systems in nanotech cleanrooms].”
 ~ Elionix Inc., in regards to Lithography Systems at Duke University FCIEMAS and Harvard University LISE

“Thank you for the model…I appreciate the effort your team put in to make this happen. I know it was challenging to put together with busy schedules.”
~ Qualcomm MEMS Technology

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who are AGI's clients >>>
Universities, governement labs, startups, and established manufacturers all over the globe have engaged AGI for the expertise we provide.
start up consulting >>>
> Cost and Capacity Modeling / Simulation
> Site Selection / Evaluation
> Equipment Specification and Selection
> Layout and Utility Matrix Development
> Cleanroom and Lab Design / Specification
> Chemical and Gas Accommodation
> Code and HPM Analysis
> Tool Installation / Hook-up
> High Tech Construction Management

industrial engineering >>>
> Capacity Planning and Analysis
> Measurement and Control Systems
> Factory Modeling / Simulation
> Cycle Time Reduction
> Tool Automation Design
  process improvements >>>
> Process Technology Transfer
> Isolation Technology / Minienvironments
> Process and Equipment Optimization
> Contamination Control Audits

high tech operations >>>
> Training / Documentation
> Sourcing Manufacturing for High Tech
> Machine Qualification
> Fair Market Valuations
> Turnarounds
> Forensics / Insurance / Expert Witness
> Supply Chain Management / Analysis

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