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Using our unique and proprietary software tools, AGI has analyzed proposed green site facilities, factory expansion projects, proposed process improvements, and tool upgrade scenarios for our clients' facilities. AGI's sound engineering analyses have been used to drive make / buy decisions in our clients' new and existing manufacturing facilities. In addition, we have evaluated our proposed production ramp scenarios, providing increased visibility into the tool, personnel, facilities, automation, and cost requirements for each prospective scenario.

AGI has helped our clients make smarter, better-informed decisions and obtain meaningful results. We not only utilize our software during our consulting engagements, but we also sell the software separately.
FabTech Utility Matrix
> FabTech©
  Utility Matrix Program
Jupiter Factory Cost Modeling
> Jupiter©
  Factory Cost Model
Pluto Operational and Financial Model
> Pluto©
  Operational & Financial Model
CARME Operational and Financial Model for Research Centers
  Operational & Financial Model for Research Centers
eValuate Cost of Ownership Model
> eValuate©
  Cost of Ownership Model
Demos are available for several of AGI's software programs.
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Our equipment includes AGI designed and manufactured products for inspection, and equipment from secondary markets that may be used, refurbished, or over stocks.
Nighthawk Inspection Tool Nighthawk Inspection Tool