AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
Green Initiatives

AGI is committed to sustainable design and the use of green technologies.  A constant refinement of planning techniques and an acute awareness of our clients' needs keep us at the leading edge of practical, sustainable design initiatives. AGI has been proud to help our clients turn both conventional and novel technologies into processing materials and products that will help the world capitalize on renewable energy sources and reduce overall energy consumption.

AGI Green Solar Panel Parking

AGI has been headquartered in Tempe, Arizona since 1985 and, in line with our green initiative commitment, is proud to be located in a green business park as part of the Arizona State University / Ameresco Photovoltaic Energy Project.

From facilities to products, employees to clients, internal or external, AGI is working to improve the environment.

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> Use of recycled paper
> Recycling of paper
> FTP site postings of engineering documentation and drawings to reduce paper waste
> Carpooling & telecommuting
> Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
> Timed HVAC cycles to match work hours
> 2014 installation of Photovoltaic panels on AGI covered parking as part of the Arizona State University / Ameresco Photovoltaic Energy Project
> Use of WebEx™, GoToMeeting™, and Skype© to enhance long distance communication but reduce project travel costs / time.
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