AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) | Advanced Fabrication Cleanroom
  > Awarded R&D Magazine Lab of the Year 2011
> Awarded AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects 2010
  LEED Certified: Platinum
  Project Location:
> Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  Architectural Firm of Record:
  Project Size:
> 14,500 SF Cleanroom
  Project Delivery: 
> Design-Bid-Build
  Construction Cost: 
> $20M for Cleanroom
> $30M for Tools
  Professional Services Completed:
> 2008 - 2010
  Project Status: 
> Cleanroom Operational
> Cleanroom Startup June 2010
> Campus Opening Day
> September 5, 2009
  Video: A Look Inside KAUST Core Labs

> For full video, click here.
  Project Features:
> Clean Class 100 and 1000
> 2” to 200mm Wafer Capability
> Nanotechnology, MEMS and Microelectronics Capabilities
> One-Up Tool set, Over 170 Tools
> H5 Cleanroom with HPM Storage Rooms
> E-beam Lithography
> Advanced Etch and Thin Films Capabilities
> Mask Making
> DUV Stepper Capability
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Cleanroom Design: Programming through
> Construction Documents
> Construction Administration
> On Site Cleanroom Contractor Supervision
> Tool Procurement Support / Specification Development /
> Negotiation with Vendors / Factory Acceptance Testing
> Tool Installation Design and Construction Supervision
> Shipping / Logistics Support for Process Tools and
> Cleanroom Related Items
> Materials and Supplies Procurement for Start-up
> EHS and Code Consulting
> Project Management for Bulk Nitrogen
  Building Uses:
> The advanced nanofabrication core facility will integrate
> classic semiconductor tools and processes with biological,
> chemical, and medical substrates to support research in
> electronic and photonic devices, microelectromechanical
> devices, advanced materials processing, and biotechnology
> devices. 
The core facility offers cross-disciplinary expertise in the
> areas of spectroscopy, biology, chemistry, physics, optics,
> electrical engineering, and engineering science.  A full
> complement of utilities including high purity DI water, high
> purity nitrogen, reactive gases, and chilled water are
> available to each process bay. These utilities also include
> a wide range of processing and characterization equipment
> that enables fabrication of electrical, optical, and
> micromechanical devices to support fundamental and
> applied research in diverse fields spanning from
> electronics to medicine.
  Client Testimonials:
> “The [KAUST] cleanroom is certainly a showpiece.” ~ Gary Kuzma PE, CEM, LEED® AP, GBE, Senior Vice President, Director of MEP Engineering, HOK, November 2009

> “…Thank you for being so caring about this project. You have been working day and night for the best interest of KAUST Project. Thank you again.” ~ Tawfeeq Aljohani, Lead Project Engineer, Academic Buildings & Laboratory Division, King Abdullah University Projects Department, KAUST

> “…I second Tawfeeq in his comments and I extend my appreciation to you and your team for the commitment and dedication you are putting in KAUST project. ~ Abdulla M. Al-Saleh, Sr. Project Manager, Academic, Administration & Laboratory Buildings Division, ASC Company Representative (Head of Project for Aramco), Aramco Overseas Company B.V.