AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  University of Chicago | William Eckhardt Research Center (WERC)
  Project Features:
> Pritzker Nanofabrication Cleanroom
> Urban Area Issues Including Interface to Adjacent Buildings
> Waffle Slab, Multi-Story Building, Portions Below Grade
> Class 10, 100, and 1,000 Spaces (ISO Class 4, 5, 6)
> E-Beam Lithography
> Imaging Suite, Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy
> Biotech Laboratories
  Project Location:
> Chicago, Illinois
  Architectural Firm of Record:
  Project Size:
> 9,200 SF Cleanroom
> 6,600 SF Imaging Suite
> 160,000 Gross SF in Project
  Project Delivery: 
> Design Assist, Construction
> Manager at Risk
  Construction Cost: 
  Professional Services Provided:
> 2008 - 2012
  Project Status: 
> Construction Completed
> Jan 2012
  Project Video:

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  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Cleanroom Design: Programming thru Construction Documents
> Layout
> Utility Matrix Development
> Tool Research
> HPM Analysis
> Vibration, Acoustics and EMI Consulting
> Specialty Systems Design
> Gas and Chemical Analysis
> Code Consulting, including Variance for Accommodation of
> Hazardous Materials with Chicago Building Code
  Building Uses:
> The Programmatic plan of WERC provides for a mix of labs,
> core facilities, and collaboration spaces with distinct zones
> for Physical Sciences and Molecular Engineering.
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, AGI Project Executive
> Craig Rossrucker, AGI Project Manager
> Mark Winter PE, Cleanroom Consultant
  Client Testimonials:
> “Jeff Schantz, Abbie Gregg, Michael Gendreau, and
> Lou Vitale formed the vital core team which defined the
> program and design for the University of Chicago’s
> molecular engineering facility. Their expertise and
> expansive portfolio of work were essential in guiding the
> development of this state of the art facility, which is the
> University’s first engineering program. Their unique
> synergy and creativity as a team were key factors in
> expediting the concurrent design of the program and
> the facility, which will allow the University to meet its goal
> of opening the Institute for Molecular Engineering in 2015.”
> ~ John J. Ekholm AIA, Senior Project Manager, Facilities Services,
> Design and Construction, University of Chicago, June 2012

> “Thanks to you and the AGI team for the hard work putting
> together a very impressive set of documents.”

> ~ Mickey Collins, Vice President, Sr. Project Manager, HOK,
> March 2012