AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  Skyworks Solutions Inc. | Four to Six Inch Conversion/Expansion of Operational GaAs Wafer Fab
  Project Features:
> Class 100 GaAs Fab
> Conversion From Four to Six Inch Wafers
> Fab Operational During Upgrade
> Installed 27 new tools
> Converted 145 tools
> Relocated 8 tools
> Developed 51 new 6” processes
> Transferred  three production flows to 6”
  Project Location:
> Newbury Park, California
  Project Size:
> 20,000 SF Total
> Cleanroom Space
  Project Budget:
> 37% Tools
> 15% Installations
> 22% Conversion Kits
> 16% Production Supplies
> 10% Resources
  Professional Services Provided:  
> 2007-08, 2012
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> On Site Industrial Engineering Support for Wet/Dry Etch,
> Thin Films, Materials and Supplies
> Facilities Systems Analysis
> Utility Matrix Development
> Cleanroom Re-Layout to Accommodate Six Inch Tools
> On Site Tool Installation Design and Construction Support
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, AGI Project Executive
> Robert Loontiens, AGI Project Manager
> Craig Rossrucker, Industrial Engineer
> Mark Winter PE, Chemical Engineer
> Todd Bird, On Site Engineer
> JoAnn McCay, On Site Engineer
> Michael Loontiens, On Site Engineer
  Client Testimonials:

“I wanted to thank the AGI team for Mike’s support during the last 6 months.  He was a critical part in helping us execute to this latest ramp.  He did a great job of integrating with the team and was able to offload my team tremendously.  We wouldn’t have been successful without his contributions.” ~ Juan Velasquez, Skyworks, November 2012

“The work that AGI has provided us so far has been very good, I am very pleased with the performance of all the AGI personnel here at Skyworks.  In addition, they have been very helpful in allowing the IE's to have more bandwidth.  The AGI engineers have been very proactive and are very quick to get acclimated to the new environment” ~Juan Velasquez, October 2007