AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. | Fab Start Up Support
  Project Features:
> Class 100 to 10,000 Cleanroom and Supporting Dry Labs
> Fast Track, Design Build Required Priority Support
> Cleanroom Expansion Attached to Existing Two Story Building
> Unique Process Technology
  Project Location:
> San Jose, California
  Project Size:
> Cleanroom: ~15,000 SF
> Dry Labs: ~15,000 SF
  Construction Cost:
> $40M
  Project Status:
> MEMS Display Research and
> Development
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Facility/Tool Install Design Review
> Back End Of Line Layout Review/Optimization
> Created Over 100 Operations and Maintenance
> Specifications for Processes, Facility and Safety in
> Client Required Format
> Training of over 80 Fab and Assembly Personnel in
> Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety,
> Cleanroom Protocol
> Acceptance Testing of Automated Wet Processing Equipment
> Development and Specification of Materials and Supplies
> Requirements
> Support for Purchase, Storage and Disposal of Chemicals
> and Gases
> Capacity Modeling, Front End/ Back End
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, AGI Principal Consultant
> Lara York, AGI Project Manager
> Craig Rossrucker, Start Up Operations Consultant
> Mei Yen, Process Engineering
> Mark Winter, Chemical Engineering and Code Review
> Andrew Paschall, Mechanical PE, Construction Administration
> Michelle Hartig, Industrial Engineer, Modeler