AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.

cost savings / reductions >>>
The talented staff at AGI have excellent backgrounds in operations management and start-ups of wafer fabs and cleanrooms.  These individuals understand the yield, thruput, and financial implications of process, cleanroom, tool selection, and material handling decisions. Often AGI is able to identify or provide savings that far exceed the cost of our services. Below are just a few examples of how AGI has helped our customers save valuable time and money.

nanotechnology cleanroom construction supervision >>>
During a fast-track, time-sensitive project in a developing nation, AGI's onsite engineering team was able to complete a variety of construction related purchases and installations that resulted in a $240,000 savings for the client. Our industry knowledge and connections allowed the AGI team to make swift decisions and execute crucial purchases timely to supplement the contractor. By using streamlined ordering and shipping, significant man hour delays and materials costs were saved.

government contracted producer of infrared systems >>>
After performing less than 80 hours of process and tool audits, AGI was able to identify several key but simple process, inspection, and equipment improvements that are expected to deliver a monthly operational savings of $686,000.

nanotech cleanroom process tool purchase negotiation >>>
While representing a university client, AGI was able to negotiate a 25% price reduction between first and final bids for a total of 116 process tools. The negotiated price reduction amounted to a savings of $9.8M for our client.

pilot line for flexible display product >>>
AGI developed the cost model that pinpointed critical material costs and savings of over $50,000 per year by analyzing the best strategy for premixed vs. pure chemicals. Additional savings was achieved for this client when AGI’s CAD design team clarified design rules to achieve higher packing density of the product on the substrate, which increased device units per substrate by over 15% while adding no cost.


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