AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
senior staff
  Abbie Gregg | President
Abbie has over 30 years experience as an engineering consultant and in cleanrooms, labs and imaging spaces. She specializes in process engineering and analysis, facility layout and design, quality assurance, equipment selection and qualification. Abbie has extensive experience as Team Leader for technical programming, as well as design and construction of research and university renovations and expansions.
  Craig Rossrucker | Vice President Design
Well versed in all aspects of Industrial Engineering for university cleanrooms and laboratories, Craig specializes in cleanroom design, programming and layout for advanced technology applications. He has 20 years experience supervising the AGI Design team on the comprehensive design of complex commercial, research, and university projects. Craig’s renovation designs for cleanrooms and labs include HVAC improvements, life safety enhancements, user process changes, substrate size upgrades, and accommodation of leading edge process equipment.
  Robert Loontiens | Vice President Facilities and Operations
Microelectronics products and profitability. Equipment engineering and maintenance operations improvements, microelectronics manufacturing engineering. Mechanical engineering, project management, start-up and wafer size conversions. Industrial engineering and manufacturing planning and implementation. Green site Fab design and renovations. Silicon and Three-Five wafer fab processes, laser assembly. On site construction management and supervision for complex projects.
  TL | Senior Staff, Cost Estimating, Construction
Cleanroom design and construction coordination for the Microelectronics, Semiconductor, and Nanotechnology industries.  Purchasing of cleanroom and high technology facilities materials, labor and services and cost estimating. Project management and owner interface for Cleanroom construction and tool hookup. Design build project organization and contracting.
core engineering team
MW, CSP, PE | Senior Technical Staff - Process / Safety Lead
Certified Safety Professional and registered Professional Chemical Engineer focusing on improving existing processes. Capital equipment research and evaluation.  Chemical and gas usage analysis for cleanrooms and labs, effluent analysis, HPM code analysis, and interface with Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Process design to include equipment sizing and requirements, factory layouts, capital equipment cost models, manufacturing cost models.  Tool research and utility matrix analysis. Tool Installation planning and design for process tools, HPM storage and distribution equipment.
Ultrapure (DI) Water (UPW) and Acid Waste Neutralization Systems to support nanofabrication facilities current and expanding toolsets.
Licensed / registered Chemical PE in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.
Certified Safety Professional.
  MH, PE | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Professional Mechanical Engineer, responsible for mechanical and electrical design. Experience in development of Power Distribution, Electrical Panel schedules, and lighting designs, HVAC design calculations, instrumentation and controls systems, and mechanical HVAC distribution designs for university and industrial cleanrooms, imaging labs, additive manufacturing and assembly, and HPM storage and dispense areas. Design of process mechanical systems and distribution including PVAC, CDA, UPW, AWN, and Process Cooling Water systems for university and industrial cleanrooms and laboratories. Tool Installation Mechanical engineering.

Licensed / registered Mechanical Engineer in the states of Arizona and California.
  MA, PE - Chemical | Process Engineer
Professional Chemical Engineer focused on design of Imaging lab suites, Additive Manufacturing Labs, Cleanrooms, and HPM rooms for gases, liquids and powders. Process systems design, particularly RO/DI water Systems and pH Neutralization systems for liquid waste (AWN/LWN). Expertise in Piping distribution studies and use of Pipe-flo models. Utility Matrix, equipment sizing and distribution design. Expert in capital equipment research and evaluation. Chemical and gas usage analysis for cleanrooms and labs, effluent analysis, HPM code analysis. Project management experience in renovations and new building design including tool evaluation, site suitability, EMI, Vibration and Acoustic site study and coordination activities. Project management expertise in Tool Hookup requiring close coordination with users and tool vendors.

Licensed / registered Chemical Engineer in the state of Arizona.
  CV | Senior Technical Staff - Process Lead
Over 15 years experience as process engineering manager and Tech Support Director in the semiconductor capital equipment industry. Areas of focus include:  FEOL Litho, PR Dry Strip, Reactive Ion Etching, PECVD, PVD, Wet Etch, Wet Cleans, Metrology, CMP and RTP. Selection, specification, procurement and logistics of Cleanroom process equipment, chemicals, gases, consumables, materials and supplies. Cleanroom safety and cleanliness protocol. New Tool Evaluations, Beta Site Testing and Commissioning. Cleanroom Chemical/Gas storage, distribution and waste collection systems design and construction. Fit-up and Tool Installation Engineering coordination and process design.  
SS, PE | Senior Technical Staff - Mechanical/Electrical/Controls
Registered Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Extensive experience in project engineering. Has provided project support for design/build mechanical projects.  Team lead for mechanical, electrical and controls design for university cleanrooms/labs and large industrial wafer fab cleanrooms.  Other accomplishments include the evaluation of outsourcing and risk management opportunities, design of commercial and industrial mechanical building systems, designed air handlers and cleanroom equipment for world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer.
Registered Professional Engineer – Mechanical and Electrical, in the states of, Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois Texas and NCEES. Mechanical registration in the states of California and Massachusetts.
  JT | Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineering and Design for Cleanrooms and Laboratories, including tool installation, design and electrical product specification. Low voltage and medium voltage power distrubution. Electrical and Lighting design software expert. Experience with NEC 2014, NFPA 70E 2015, IECC 2015, ASHRAE 90.1. Tool Installation planning, engingeering and design for Fit-up and Installation of Cleanroom, HPM, Imaging, and Additive Manufacturing tools.
  AK | Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer, responsible for Design and Engineering of building and equipment power distribution systems and controls, focusing on electrical design and engineering to support Cleanrooms and Advanced Laboratories. Experienced in development of Power Distribution, Electrical Panel schedules, and lighting designs, Tool and support equipment electrical hookup designs for university and industrial cleanrooms, imaging labs, additive manufacturing and assembly, and HPM storage and dispense areas. Specialty electrical distribution systems, UPS and Emergency power systems needed for low EMI and Hazardous occupancy environments. Tool Installation vendor coordination.
  DK | Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineering for cleanrooms and laboratories, specializing in HVAC and Hydronic Systems. Proficient with SolidWorks, HVAC Product Design and Production, and cross functional design. Experienced in development of HVAC design calculations, and mechanical HVAC distribution designs for university and industrial cleanrooms, imaging labs, additive manufacturing and assembly, and HPM storage and dispense areas. Design of process mechanical systems and distribution including PVAC, CDA, and Process Cooling Water systems for university and industrial cleanrooms and laboratories. Tool Installation Mechanical engineering and design.
design team
DN, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP | Senior Project Architect
Over 18 years of experience in the architectural profession, specializing in highly technical institutional and industrial facilities including healthcare, laboratories (bio and nano), aviation, and higher education facilities. Accomplishments include providing quality-oriented and highly technical projects on time and on budget. Skills include planning, architectural, lighting, acoustical, vibration and EMI abatement design and construction support for high technology buildings, including cleanrooms, laboratories and HPM rooms. Planning and feasibility of industrial and university sites for advanced technology buildings and renovations. Extensive Project Management Expertise and experience.
Licensed / registered in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, New York, and Texas
(RA, Registered Architect).
Member of AIA (American Institute of Architects).
Certified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards).
Accredited Professional of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  CC, RA | Architect - BIM Coordinator
Architectural project management and design with focus on, BIM/Revit coordination and implementation for cleanrooms, labs, and medical facilities. 12 years of experience and a diverse background that incorporates all aspects of the architectural design process, supervises the technical coordination and project production ensuring project coverage and performing technical QA/QC. Develops customized solutions for design challenges. Knowledgeable in all phases of the design and construction processes. BIM leadership activities including mentoring, 3D visualization, and client presentations. Architectural BIM Coordination for Master Planning, base build, Fit-up, and Tool Installation Design.

Licensed / registered in the state of Arizona (RA, Registered Architect).
  DM | Lab Planner
BA in Biochemistry, she provides bio/chemistry/pharma equipment analysis, procurement support, laboratory planning and workflow analysis. Analysis of user needs for biochemical research equipment and laboratories, and biochemical laboratory setup for universities and research centers. Biosafety and Cleanroom Lab Planning and Design. Supports AGI Marketing and Business Development team, including review and evaluation of RFQs and RFPs, proposal preparation for specialty laboratory design. Specialist in Lab equipment installation planning.
  CT | BIM MEP Coordinator
Mechanical design and drafting utilizing AutoCAD, Revit/BIM, Solid Edge and SDRC I-DEAS in 2-D and 3D environments. Trained in ASME/ANSI Y14.5 GD&T, with knowledge of manufacturing and machining procedures. Experienced in designing, detailing, documenting, and aiding in the production of mechanical parts and assemblies. Computer Aided Design for cleanrooms, laboratories, aerospace, semiconductor manufacture, service equipment, construction, moving and storage, industrial machinery, and consumer products. BIM Coordinator for MEP supporting base build, Fit-up, and Tool Installation Design.
  MQ | BIM Designer
Specialty architecture and Engineering design related to Cleanrooms, HPM areas, Imaging Labs, and other specialized environments. Candidate for B.A. in Architecture at ASU. Experience in lighting design support, drafting for MEPT in Revit / CAD, creating Architectural Backgrounds in Revit / CAD, as well as Revit / CAD troubleshooting and support.
  ML | Construction / Industrial Engineer, Designer
Cleanroom construction, operations and maintenance, and tool install. Equipment and factory layout, tool installation and relocation coordination. Tool installation safety. Capacity / technology upgrade and startup support logistics for GaAs and Si Fabs. Coordination of engineering, specialized labor, and specialty materials for cleanroom and laboratory construction and tool installation. Materials and supplies logistics for cleanrooms, including worldwide sourcing and expediting, rigging supervision, warehouse organization and tool logistics management. AutoCAD and Revit Design including space planning, tool layouts, Process Mechanical and Process piping design. Shop drawings and Navisworks model review. International Experience. Extensive Tool Installation design experience.