AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
Firm History
AGI was founded in 1985 and has extensive experience in nanotechnology, biotechnology, photovoltaic, wafer fab, assembly, multichip module, disc drive, flat panel display and flexible electronics start-up planning, process engineering and operations. AGI has gained global industry recognition for the depth of excellence our services provide. To date we have completed over 800 projects on 5 continents.

AGI was instrumental in early stage planning for wafer fab, FPD, and photovoltaic facilities for companies such as LSI Logic, DELCO, Hewlett Packard, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, Unitrode, Philips, Silterra Malaysia, Siemens/Infineon, Ericsson, Suniva, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and others.  AGI’s scope of work on these projects included factory modeling, site selection, process tool layout, equipment specification, utility matrix, cleanroom specification, bidding, designs for process tool and interbay automation systems, fit up design, supervision of installation of process tools, process start up, process troubleshooting and operations improvements. AGI provided project management and engineering services for multi year periods at the OIS site in Michigan, at Eastman Kodak in Rochester New York, KAUST in Saudi Arabia and at other sites.

AGI has a wide range of experience integrating processes and tools with cleanroom layout and design, including use of minienvironments, automation, and robotics.  AGI experience also includes design of processing, nanotechnology, characterization, imaging, hazardous process materials, and biosafety laboratories.

The key personnel at AGI have an excellent background in operations management and start-ups of wafer fabs, PV manufacturing facilities. cleanrooms and laboratories.  These individuals understand the yield, thruput, and financial implications of facilities, process, cleanroom, tool selection and material handling decisions.

AGI gives training and graduate level university classes in process engineering, device physics, test/measurement, and contamination free manufacturing for microelectronics, including semiconductor, nanotechnology, biosafety, touch and FPD applications.  AGI provides training for facilities specialists who interact and support cleanroom and laboratory environments.

AGI has developed software programs for planning and optimizing high tech facilities and products.  These include FabTech for utility matrix planning and tracking, AGI’s Jupiter for detailed factory / product modeling, Pluto for mid level operational / financial modeling, CARME for high level operational / financial modeling, and eValuate for cost of ownership. Models have been developed for semiconductor, FPD, flexible electronics, solar cell, touch screen, and hybrid device applications. We both use, and sell our software programs.

AGI research, university and industrial projects have included programming, detailed design and operational consulting on multidisciplinary, photovoltaic, imaging, nanotechnology, biosafety labs and cleanrooms.
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